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FEBRUARY 26, 2006

To all the fans of FLASHGames²,

Okay, I realise that we've had this teaser page up for a while now and failed to do anything with it. I hadn't originally planned it that way, but like the rest of the things over the course of the history of FLASHGames², life gets in the way! :)

Last year we had the unfortunate circumstance to have been hit by not only one, but TWO counts of Denial Of Service attacks. After the first attack, we had to do some fancy footwork to get them to allow us to continue; we had to delete the old Big Board and go to a new system. Somehow, someway.. we got hit again. (Ever have that feeling that someone doesn't want you around?)

When we tried to reason with the people at Infinology, they backed us into the corner and said "the only way you can continue is if you buy a dedicated server." We tried to argue with them that the attacks were beyond our control, but they just waived their Service Agreements in our face and that was their consistant reply. Thus, we were out of options and out the yearly fee.

Why didn't we just jump to a new server? We needed a break.

FLASHGames has been the child of Dan Berger and myself since it's inception over 5 years ago. [okay.. quit yer snickering!] We've had some great friends over the years help us in the development stages (to all of whom we are truly grateful), but when it comes down to it, we've been the sole programmers of the games on the site. That, in itself, makes for a daunting task when trying to continually manage a hobby in your life. Many times we've asked for people out there to help if they had skills to contribute, and all we've heard is our echoes ring back. The same holds true recently when we posted on the Invision board for a cattle call of staff members: two musicians stepped up to the plate. So at least we know we'll have some cool music for our future games!

Speaking of the FUTURE of FLASHGames² - when the new site comes online, we're planning a few changes:

First of all, advertising. Believe us, we hate banner ads and all that sort of stuff as much as the next person; but there's money in dem 'dar clicks! Since we can't 'request' that people click on the ads to help us while they are on the site, I'll do it now beforehand! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure that if you enjoy the games and want us to start being able to concentrate on the site specifically, that you CLICK THE ADS!! Consider it a way of saying thanks for the game, and we want to play more! Just don't go click-happy, because if too many of the same IP get logged, they will cancel you out. We could turn this site into a full-time job, but it's going to take some support!

Secondly, don't ask for new games. We get mail and postings all the time asking "when's the next game coming out??" - even the day after we have just released one. Any programmers out there know that sometimes we get wild spurts of genious to code an entire game in a weekend.. and sometimes you are banging your head against the keyboard wondering why the code isn't working. The reason we can't tell you what game is coming out when is because we honestly haven't the FIRST CLUE OURSELVES! When we develop games, we make sure that we put a game out that will be the best representation of the genre and uphold what has made the FLASHGames brand authenticity what both our fans and the industry have come to expect from us. Unlike other websites out there, we don't bow under pressure to be the first ones to release a game.. we take the time to make it RIGHT.

Third, the message board. Ohhhh that silly old message board. Some days we felt like it was the anchor bringing the ship down, and others we didn't even realise it was there. I can't say that I WANT the message board back in all honesty. Other than being a place for people to post how many seconds it took to win at CC, how many times in a row they could roll doubles in HR, or a story of how Homer told Wink Martindale how much he loved Tic Tac D'oh!; it had no real purpose to what we were all about. Unless we have people that I can rely on to keep watch over it, the Big Board may not make it's return.

Finally, WE NEED YOU! Everyone is their own worst critic, but it all makes a difference when you are a part of a team. I don't fancy myself as much of a graphic artist, but I know I can program. You might be able to fire off a professional looking print graphic with one hand while holding a sandwich in the other. Maybe you can come up with random trivial facts that would make for a great question writer. Or possibly you have the next great game show scribbled in your 'ideas notebook'. The more people we get as part of the production team, the wider variety of games we'll be able to create! If you feel you've got ANYTHING to contribute, please send your name, a little about you, and a sample of your work over to us at so that we can check ya out!

We are looking to make our return in April 2006 - hopefully with a couple surprize announcements along the way!

Till Then, Take Care!
Christopher "MrGameShow" Colbourne

P.S. To answer the initial question of "What's with the boxes?", you never know what you'll find inside large wooden crates.. ;)